July 2016

Admitting something is the first step to recovery. Come on now, admit it, you have either downloaded Pokemon Go or you are currently driving your children around so they can play the game! Looking for these Pokemon (especially the three Legendary

Even if you’re not admitting it publicly, we know you’ve either downloaded Pokemon Go or driven your young folks around so they can play the game!  Hunting for Pokemon (especially the 3, very rare, Legendary) can be tricky. They are there

Last week, via Facebook Live, I took viewers on a tour of a great "fixer upper" - a foreclosure located at 87 Young Avenue in Charlotte, NC. It was such fun! And now I want to do it again, only this

Ever wanted to take a peek inside a $39,900 foreclosure? Come with me as I walk you through 87 Young Ave SW in Charlotte, NC. (Shot via FB Live on 7/6/16.)

This year, the team at MacDonald Hardwoods spoke to over 200 interior designers across the United States about what they are currently recommending to customers, what their customers are requesting from these designers, and what trends are being seen in