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4 P's of Marketing: Exterior Presentation

4 Ps of Marketing: #1 Exterior Presentation is EVERYTHING

Check this out y’all.  If your product is great and serves to fulfill a need, it will sell.  If your product isn’t worth a crap, it likely will become a huge burden. Novel concept, right?

Obviously, the product here is the property itself.  Don’t EVER forget that this is most definitely a product.  Whether you are a Realtor or an individual looking to sell a property, you must see your humble abode as a product rather than simple brick and mortar.

The 4 Ps of marketing are the foundation to how your property will reach potential buyers-and that ONE buyer who is meant to be.  Among the 4 Ps, product is without a doubt the most important one.  You must present a product that potential customers will want to check out.  Think about it this way.  If you were in a situation where you had to purchase, say, an energy drink, what would you look for? (Assuming that you had a basic understanding of the contents as well as an overview of the major benefits of the drink.)

You arrive at the grocery store and make your way down the beverage aisle.  You are faced with dozens of choices: catchy labels, colorful packaging, and promises of energetic bliss! Upon closer examination, some of the cans are dented.  Eliminated.  Others have an outdated look.  Denied.  Uh-oh, this one is past its expiration date.  No thanks.  Finally, your eyes fixate on a colorful yet pleasing label, readable font that makes sense, and a slogan that tells you exactly what you are getting with the drink.  I’ll take two!

Is this the best energy drink on the market? Maybe, maybe not.  Does that consumer necessarily care? Not one bit.  They were drawn to the appearance of the product.  The drink will likely meet their expectations, and future purchases will often result.

Welcome to the world of real estate marketing for your product!

You may have the best freaking house on the planet.  If the presentation of your product doesn’t satisfy the needs of a potential buyer, they will quickly check it off of their list.  In order to get a buyer to give your home a chance, you better have it looking its best!

So how the heck do you make sure your house stands out from the competition for all the right reasons? It is actually pretty simple.  Effort is a required trait for anyone selling their home, as well as the strategic following of some standard guidelines.

Deal-breakers will, well, break you.

It is unbelievable how many homes cut themselves off from countless potential buyers before they even walk in the door.  There are several things you must avoid in the exterior presentation of your home.

Update your exterior paint

Worn-out, faded paint
There isn’t a more painful eyesore than a faded, outdated coat of paint on a home.  Potential buyers who are doing a quick drive-by of your home will often notice the exterior paint before they even look at the front door! A problematic exterior finish will inevitably cause prospective buyers to ring the cash register in their head.  They see hours upon hours of rigorous work that needs to be done.  While some buyers may be in love with a home enough to overlook this, or may be planning to change the color anyway, it really isn’t worth the risk.  A weekend spent putting a proper, fresh coat of exterior paint on your home can work to hold the value, as well as achieve a beautiful curb appeal. (This also applies to your shutters and trim, if you are in a vinyl or brick home!)


Man mowing the lawn with lawnmower in summertime.

Lazy landscaping
Had a rough week at work and don’t feel like mowing the yard? A common yet potentially crippling mistake.  You never, and I repeat NEVER, know when the ideal buyer will be driving by your home.  Would you want to further investigate a home that has a jungle for a front yard? Of course, you wouldn’t. If the outside of the home looks bad, what do you imagine a buyer may be thinking about the inside? This is an easy problem to avoid.  Either hire a landscaping company to maintain your yard or get off the couch and get the job done!


Worker hands installing roof shingles.

Roof issues
Along with exterior paint, the roof is one of the most critiqued areas of a home.  Not only does the condition of your roof have a significant impact on curb appeal, it also plays a tremendous role in the determination of value to your home.  A damaged roof will need to be replaced, or at minimum repaired.  The problem to a buyer is obvious here.  Roof replacement is an expensive endeavor, and will certainly affect the offer on your home.  You are likely to save thousands of dollars by replacing or repairing the roof yourself.  Your homeowner’s insurance may cover the costs, depending on the cause of the damage.  The entire ordeal can present a headache to a potential buyer and may cause them to eliminate your home from contention.

Backyard patio

Lack of outdoor living space
2018 is continuing the trends of the previous 5 years in that more families are staying home for entertainment than ever before.  Americans are working longer hours, and leisure activities are only getting more expensive.  With this trend holding especially true for Charlotte area citizens, it is essential that your home offers outdoor entertainment opportunities.  You should have plenty of shaded areas, as well as open areas featured in both your front and back yards.  If you have a porch or patio, be sure that you keep it in tip-top shape.  While lacking in these areas isn’t as back-breaking of a mistake as some of the others that have been mentioned, it can be a factor that determines the decision between two equally appealing homes.  Great outdoor living areas will only gain you favor to potential buyers.

There are many aspects to exterior presentation that sellers must always be aware of.  When in doubt, ask yourself what kind of curb appeal you would expect from a potential home.  Would you want a property that would require a heavy investment to bring up to snuff? Or, would you want a home that looked great and only required some minor, preferential tweaks? The answer is obvious.  Don’t kill the deal before it can even open the front door! ALWAYS make sure that your product looks pristine.  You want to stand out for the right reasons, not lose a buyer for the wrong ones.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t!  We have a great list of trusted professionals who can help you create this best first impression before your property is on market.  Call or message us anytime! hello@leighsells.com


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