Why New Construction Smart Homes are a Smart Choice

Dated: May 8 2024

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The Future of Smart Homes: Integrating Technology for Convenience and Security

What’s there to love about a new construction home?

More outlets, wireless internet (perfect for working from home), and improved security. Technology and increased safety make life so much easier in new homes today.

I cover these and more in my video 5 More Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home.

For some of us, keyless entry and smart thermostats are the newest creature comforts. For others, it’s Bluetooth sound systems and Wi-Fi-enabled appliances. Even better if all that is at your fingertips when you move into your new home.

Smart homes are a smart choice for buyers who want all the latest built right into their homes.

Here are some of the smartest of smart home tech that’s often standard equipment in newly constructed homes:

Keyless Entry

Installing keyless deadbolts may at first seem unnecessary, but it’s the kind of technology you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without. With a wide variety of smart door locks on the market, you’ll have to consider the features that matter to you and select a reputable lock that suits your needs.

Most electronic deadbolts allow you to set one-time codes, making it easy to give access to delivery people or guests. My favorite part about my keyless front door is that I no longer have to worry about the house key when I go out for a walk.

Smart Thermostats

In addition to ENERGY STAR appliances, low-flow plumbing, and proper insulation, a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats allow you to set schedules based on your preferences and space utilization, while also allowing you to adjust the temperature when away from home.

Even better? Because you will be heating and cooling your home more efficiently, you’ll find that a smart thermostat cuts your energy bill by as much as 10-12%.

Security Cameras

This may seem obvious, but there are many new and exciting things to consider when adding security cameras to your home. In addition to exterior cameras, including doorbells, there are many safe and useful options for interior cameras.

Want to keep an eye on your pup while you’re away or check in on your elderly parent? Interior cameras are invaluable for that, and many also offer two-way communication.

Perhaps you don’t need to keep a 24/7 watch on the front door, but you’d like that peace of mind while traveling. Many home security systems are monitored via an app on your phone, meaning you can easily turn them on and off as needed.

Automate the Outdoors

Utilizing smart technology for your yard and outdoor living spaces can help you save money, improve curb appeal, and make better use of your space. For example, an automatic sprinkler system will ensure the health of your lawn and garden while reducing water waste.

Another great way to capitalize on smart technology is by investing in an automatic sunshade over your patio or deck. Shading outdoor spaces will save on indoor cooling while allowing you additional time to enjoy the outdoors. And carbon dioxide mosquito traps can help take the bite out of mosquitoes when you’re on your patio, deck, or front porch. These devices won’t solve all your mosquito problems, but they will help keep away these buggers.

Voice Control

Possibly one of the most exciting advancements in home technology is the option for voice control. If you’re like me, you grew up thinking the Clapper was the epitome of luxury.

Today, however, you can control so much more than just the bedroom light. Voice control is a common feature of many smart home devices and systems, allowing you to manage every device with a simple verbal command. While this is great for convenience alone, it’s a game-changer for many people with limited mobility.

Home Automation

Home automation takes a bit more work to set up, but the payoff is worth it. By connecting smart light bulbs, outlets, window shades, and even Wi-Fi controls, you can create routines that will make day-to-day living easier. You can set up a schedule for lighting, turn the kids’ internet access off at night, have your window shades rise with your alarm, and sync your calendar for verbal reminders throughout the day. At this point, if you can dream it up, there’s a home automation plan to suit your needs.

An important note: Not all devices can communicate with each other. When shopping for different products, pay attention to the platform they use and look for interoperability. Smart features will quickly become a nuisance if you have to operate each light, lock, and camera from a different app. Many products have their own app but can also be integrated into common systems such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Most consumers’ biggest concern with smart technology in the home is centered around the safety and security of these devices. Every company has its own regulations, and every company has had its own failures. Choose the devices you want based on your comfort level, and be sure to always utilize strong passwords

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