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The 4 Ps of Marketing: Promotion

by www-leighsells-com March 25, 2018

Make Your Property Post Stand Out

Promotion is essentially directly tied to the other 3 Ps of marketing. It is the culmination of the effective use of Price, Product, and Placement. There isn’t a major difference between Placement and Promotion, but rather another step.

So what do you need to know about Promotion? The most important aspect is that it allows your placement to stand out amongst the competition. Anyone can put an advertisement out on a platform about a property, but what will set yours apart?

This, my friends, is the name of the game in property promotion. At any time, there are hundreds of available properties in the Charlotte area. Each of these homes has dozens of ‘placements’ that are being seen by thousands of potential buyers.

Our qualified team can help you stand out! This article will look at a few basic strategies to stand out and lead the competition. Don’t ever forget, it is a battle of sorts. Doing what everyone else is doing isn’t always the correct course of action. When it comes to marketing your property, you need to follow some basic guidelines to ensure that you aren’t blending in with the other competitors. First and basic is to make a promotional video – YouTube is the second searching engine recently. People like to watch and hear everything about the property in short video, rather than reading. Second – need to provide enough real views and make video more visible and better ranked during the searches. Think about that!

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Creative Photography

We all know the importance of having accurate, well-lighted photographs of a property in a posting. You should be sure to have exterior and interior photos of the home that highlight key features. I get it, you already know this. So does everyone else who is posting their property online.

Adding photos of scenic views from your property will create a ‘wow’ factor. You want to add photos that make a buyer want to see more. They should be able to feel as though they are there enjoying a barbeque in the backyard. While that may be a bit clique, the concept is clear. The person viewing your advertisement should see more than just a property. They should feel as though they are there, finding beauty in everything that is your property. Get creative with photography. If you think something is beautiful and special to your property, then chances are that others will too.

Avoid Square Footage and Bedroom Numbers in the Title

The patented ‘4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,800 square feet’ title is outdated and just like everyone else’s. Property owners resort to this as the go-to title when selling out of habit and experience. Check out any online listing service, or look at some social media sites, and this title rules like a disease.

There are certainly times when it is completely appropriate to use this title. There are times when it is required. However, if you have creative control, and the listing doesn’t regulate these limits, avoid using this title. Use a title that gives a setting of the home instead, such as ‘Peaceful ranch-style Charlotte home…’ or ‘scenic, Southern-style property….’ This will promote a buyer to click on your ad. Obviously, the statistical information of the property will be listed once they do, but you want to get them to click before giving away the entire pie!

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Include Neighborhood Statistics

Many people looking to buy in the Charlotte area are looking for more than just a property. They are looking for a location where they can relax, begin a business, grow old, change household size, etc. For this reason, there are many other important aspects of your property than just your own area!

Does your neighborhood have great schools? List them. Parks and greenways nearby? Tell about them. Maybe there is a neighborhood watch. Talk about it. Characteristics such as this will set your property apart for all of the right reasons. Less than 10% of properties currently list this information in their postings. Wouldn’t it offer a convenience to a potential buyer if they had this information upon looking at your ad? It certainly does.

Include Potential for the Property

Does your property have a great location to add a building? Does your home have an area that is well-suited for an addition? If so, include this information in your posting. Potential buyers are looking at two major things when they are combing through your property. Current value and state, as well as potential value and state.

The Carolinas enjoy many physical characteristics that bode well for enjoying outdoor living and leisure. If your property has this advantage this in any way, it could connect with a potential buyer when properly highlighted. If there are opportunities to add value to the property, mentioning these possibilities can take the guesswork out of the equation for a buyer. They don’t need to be the focal point of your posting, but mentioning them can add a layer to your posting to make it connect with people in a simple and succinct way.

Are you questioning if you have the ability to do this with your property? Not to worry! We can help! We have a team of experts that can promote your property better than any team in the Charlotte area. We are experienced in what a buyer looks for when viewing a home, and can highlight these features in a way that will connect with them. Shoot us a message or give us a call (704-750-5417) today. We would love to work with you!

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