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Our experience working with Vito was nothing short of fantastic.

Vito met our needs every step of the way in our search for and subsequent purchase of a home, many times even going above and beyond what I had expected from a real estate agent. Vito was always extremely responsive and flexible to our schedule and needs. Throughout the process, he would offer us suggestions, encouragement, and really provided us a service that protected our interests. Rather than being pushy or eager to get us to jump on a home, he offered specific counsel to us that protected us from getting into a financial complication. When it came to put an offer on a house, his suggestions based on his research and market experience were completely on the money. The only reason we lost our first bid is that we wavered from his advice. But when we were interested in another house, thanks to his advice, we put down a bit that was pretty much exactly what we needed to beat out 10 other offers. Furthermore, during the closing, he was also able to negotiate with the seller to take care of every single repair that we requested. Vito even continues to help us out in various ways after the closing of our home. We would recommend Vito as an agent to anyone in the Charlotte area!


Everything went smoothly, and I had no issues communicating with her about things needing to be done, the offers, or emails.

Bonnie was very helpful, and I definitely recommend her services!

Daniel H.

Home buying from start to finish and beyond Virginia Halter did an absolutely amazing job from helping us find a perfect home, counseling us through very difficult times during volatile market conditions and family health crises, renewing our faith and seeing us through a painful cycle of 14 months’ waiting for home completion.

She is loving, caring, and compassionate human being and a fantastic realtor who knows her business better than any other REALTORS® we have known😊

Shashank and Prita Lakhia

I'm so glad Vito was my real estate agent for my first home purchase!

He kept me up-to-date when anything new of interest came on the market and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Vito made sure everything ran smoothly so I didn't have to stress or worry. I really appreciated his support and hard work in helping to find my new home.

Marisa P.

Having Leigh Brown as a representative in a real estate transaction is like striking gold.

Not only is she a precious person, but her knowledge of the real estate market is astonishing! Her skills of negotiation are to be commended: She gets the deal. Quicker than lightning (maybe faster) is the speed in which she responds to questions and/or requests . If having a motivated, well-informed, and honorable representative is important, Leigh Brown is the one!

E. Bernal

BONNIE listed my house in Colfax, NC.

She was very knowledgeable about the market value. She traveled to Colfax and did two open houses. The house sold with multiple offers. She guided us through the process and went out of her way to ensure that closing went smoothly.

Kristi Bostick

I enjoyed Virginia’s professionalism, and she gained immense trust!

She was the consummate professional and made us feel secure in our decisions, and we are extremely happy with the results.

Viviane A.

When you're a REALTOR®, it's important to have a great working relationship with your counterpart representing the other side of a transaction.

It was a pleasure to have Bonnie steering the ship on the other side of the buyer side while I represented the Seller side. We maneuvered some chopping dicey waters, took our sails in, let them out, got them untwisted, and sailed so happily to a closing table with our clients. It takes a team to make this happen; Iron sharpens Iron, and Diamonds cut Diamonds. She was a Diamond to work with with our clients, and we are now friends. I hope to work with her again in the future. If she represents you as an agent, you are in wonderful hands that can STEER THE SHIP!!!!!

Sharon Finch from Keller Williams Ballantyne

I interviewed several agents a few months before I listed my property in Concord.

Virginia Halter came #prepared with enthusiasm and a very professional marketing approach. My house was under contract twelve days after it was listed. Virginia handled every detail through the process with above and beyond professionalism. I am a licensed agent and have worked with many agents. Virginia ranks well above most!

Charlotte S.

Several months ago, my mother-in-law informed my husband and me that she could not continue paying her mortgage.

At the time she was four months behind. She was also in poor health and we as the family did not know that she was in such dire straights. My husband's mother is a very proud woman and to find out she enlisted the help of a realtor was even more mind boggling! My instant reaction was to tell her to say no and get rid of who she thought would help! REALTORS® don't help and they only want the money. I'll admit I'm programmed to believe REALTORS® only want that, however, I was very wrong! She met one of your agents through a series of video messages through emails sharing how he could help. It wasn't until he sent a note to the house is when she called. Never once, I'm understanding, did he say sell the house. Are you aware of your options? Selling is the very LAST option! My husband and I did attend the first foreclosure hearing at the courthouse with her. There he was with my mother-in-law! She was scared to death! So were we! We did not know what to expect! Short of arguing a case in court, he was able to convince the trustee to allow for the maximum time allowable to work the matter out, and Wells Fargo agreed. Couldn't believe it! We went to lunch afterward and my daughter joined us. She couldn't believe her eyes! THAT'S MR. HOLT!!! It appears when he was the registrar at Hopewell High School, he saved the day by overnighting a certified transcript meeting a deadline to UNC Chapel Hill where she's currently a senior. I understand that sentiment is still intact with many of the students there at the time. Interesting how things come full circle. Long story long: We were able to work things out. The foreclosure process is over! The trial payments are completed and the family home is still with us, minus one member. My mother-in-law passed away one month after receiving her modified documents from Wells Fargo. None of this would have been possible had she not reached back out and taken the chance with a real estate agent. We understand now that this could have gone in a thousand different directions had this failed. Charlie never wavered and always said, "The army that is my team will get it done!" And they did. As we transition to the next phase in our family's life, I stand to admit a now educated person. If he was able to accomplish this for our family, I can only imagine what he and the army at One Community Real Estate can do for others. Our family will not go into a real estate transaction without consulting a realtor. Problem solvers... not takers. Charlie and One Community Real Estate, thank you! Grateful, Angie C.

Angie C.

Everything went very well and smooth.

Had no issues communicating about things needed to be done, offers, any emails. Very helpful and definitely recommend.

Daniel Hauck

My husband and I relocated from Florida, and Vito made the transition that much easier.

He was knowledgeable in both the area and the market and was a great partner in finding us the house that fit our needs. He listened to our feedback every step of the way and helped guide us in the home-buying process. Vito always had our best interest top of mind.

Sarah & Brett

There are not enough words to express the awesome job done by Virginia throughout the sales process.

She was📍ON POINT, very dedicated, and amazing! She kept me up to date on everything happening and provided me with the POSITIVE⚡️energy to go through the sales process. Her recommendations to paint 🎨 and declutter were what made a difference. Best of all, she was readily available to answer any questions❓I had and provided valuable feedback. Excellent work ethic, Virginia!

Kathryn A.

Our experience was wonderful!

We would highly recommend Virginia Halter and the firm to others. Virginia Halter was very knowledgeable about the market and locations and very responsive to our questions and concerns. She is very patient and insightful, and always considered our best interests.

Paul and Brigid Cook

When selling our house, we decided to use the same company that was used when purchasing it in 2012.

That company was Leigh Brown and Associates. We specifically worked with Virginia Halter. She was very knowledgeable of property values in the area and gave us realistic expectations of what would sell. With her help and insight, our house sold in less than a week. She kept us informed the entire time of how the process was going and what to expect, and when. As a repeat customer with Leigh Brown and Associates, I would strongly recommend them, especially if you are in the Concord area.

Robin O.

Vito DiGiorgio was exceptional in the way he handled our move from Rochester, NY to Concord, NC.

He worked with us to search, view, and tour many possibilities in the short time we had to find a new home. He presented zero pressure in our decision making. He found answers to all of our questions if he didn't already know them. He even conducted research for us during his vacation! We found a home to fit our needs, and can't wait to get to know the area and the people here! Kimberly was outstanding in her communication with us and the transition we made. They work as a well oiled machine in every way! They even have a moving truck which was a huge help for us. Thank you very much for everything!

Joseph P.

Vito always showed up to listings knowledgeable about the neighborhood, comparable comps, and would go the extra mile to contact the seller's agent to inquire on what motivated the seller before we placed any home offers.

While we were emotional and excited to see new houses, he always looked out for the small things easily overlooked in the moment. I wouldn't think twice about using Vito again and will always recommend them to our friends and family.

Erin Deal

Just gotta take a moment and say how great our selling process was!

We can not recommend Susan Lagle enough! She was such a joy to work with & definitely made the whole process stress free for us. Thanks for going above & beyond for us & doing everything you could to make this such a great experience. 10/10 would sell again with Susan Lagle!!

Abigail and Randy Palacios

Working with Carol Lee was a great experience.

She was always upbeat and answered our many questions during this process. We always felt that our best interests were being looked after. We would definitely recommend One Community Real Estate® and real estate agent Carol Lee.

Joyce K.

Virginia was everything we wanted and needed in an agent.

She skillfully led us through the initial process of getting our home ready to sell, including educating us on the selling process, providing skilled craftsmen to help us with "curb appeal," and getting to the point of putting the house on the market. Her expertise was instrumental in helping us determine a fair and appealing price for the market we were in. She was also a great counselor when sorting through the offers and helping us determine what to consider and why. Finally, Virginia was invaluable during the final negotiations and the closing process. Her knowledge and level-headedness helped us make the right decisions and not overreact under the high-stress situation of house selling. Virginia and the Leigh Brown team are the best.

Scott B.

I met Vito online before even arriving in the Charlotte area.

He immediately started looking for houses based on my preferences and keeping my updated on new properties as they arrived on the market. Vito always looked at homes with me like he was buying for himself, sharing his knowledge and pointing out the good, bad and the ugly. Thanks to him I didn't buy a property that I would had been disappointed years down the road. I highly recommend Vito for your next home purchase! I'm pretty sure he would be just as good if you're selling your home.


Completely Exceptional – I was put in contact with Leigh Brown's office to help relocate from the west coast.

I got connected to agent Virginia Halter and could not have been luckier. Not only was Virginia able to help push through a complete purchase in only 20 days (from the day I arrived in Charlotte to walking in the front door with keys!) in a completely bonkers seller's market, but she also connected me to an equally exceptional mortgage company who worked through a tricky situation with professionalism and the urgency required of my particular situation. Virginia acted as an advocate, counselor, confidant, tour guide, historian, and much more. Not once did she not have the right answer for the issue at hand. My wife and I plan to stay in touch long after this transaction has wrapped up.

Eric Teel

I was referred to by Katie - part of Leigh Brown's team, and she was amazing!

I was moving and needed to buy a house in N.C. from my current home in V.A.. She helped me to feel confident during the process of purchasing my forever home and was very attentive and available every step of the way. Katie gave us a walking video tour of the home and helped us navigate all aspects of the purchase process. All documentation was provided electronically and was easy to review and sign. Katie was so sweet and included my young adult daughter on a personal tour before the closing. She was a joy to work with; at every step, she explained all options thoroughly, so I had the complete picture to make an informed decision. Any chance I get, I will refer folks to Katie and the amazing team at Leigh Brown & Associates/One Community Real Estate®!!!

Deborah C.

From the very first conversation, my experience with Bonnie Reeder was incredible.

She is an outstanding agent who truly cares about her clients. She helped us in more ways than I can list, and I am grateful for her guidance throughout the stressful process of buying a home in a new state. She explained everything to us and always answered her phone when we called. I highly recommend Bonnie as a real estate agent and the Leigh Brown Brokerage.

Home Buyer

From the very first conversation, my experience with Bonnie Reeder was INCREDIBLE.

She is an outstanding agent who truly cares about her clients. She helped us in more ways than I can list, and I am grateful for her *GUIDANCE* throughout the stressful process of buying a home in a new state. She explained everything to us and always answered her phone when we called. I highly recommend Bonnie as a real estate agent and the Leigh Brown Brokerage.

K. Whittington

I was referred to Katie, part of Leigh Brown's team.

Katie was amazing! I was moving and needed to buy a house in NC from my current home in VA. Katie helped me to feel confident during the process of purchasing my forever home. She was very attentive and made herself available every step of the way. Katie gave us a walking video tour of the home and helped navigate all aspects of the purchase process. All documentation was provided through electronic means and easy to review and sign. Katie was so sweet and included my young adult daughter on a personal tour prior to closing. She was a joy to work with and at every step she explained all options thoroughly, so I had the complete picture to make an informed decision. Any chance I get I will refer folks to Katie!!!

Deborah Corry

Vito gave us a full analysis of the market and where our home fit in.

He helped us understand what to do to attract more buyers to get the most out of our home. After the review we felt very comfortable and confident listing our home with him. He kept us informed through the entire process and always responded quickly to our questions. I will definitely use him again.

J Jellenberger

I would like to thank Virginia Halter and her team for helping me sell my Mom’s home in the Starmount neighborhood of Charlotte.

Virginia made selling this home very straightforward and easy for me as the executor of my Mom’s estate. I was amazed and very grateful for the selling price that she achieved for this property. Virginia is a very kind, professional, diligent, effective, and efficient REALTOR®. My family will be forever grateful to her for helping us sell my Mom’s home, which was part of family memories for over 55 years.

Jim G

Virginia Halter was referred to us by our builder, and she completely exceeded our expectations.

From our very first meeting, we were impressed with the research she had done, her extensive knowledge of the area, and her dedication to our community. We valued her guidance and expertise throughout the process as she kept us informed and answered all of our questions without hesitation. She put us at ease and truly made us feel like she was looking out for our best interests every step of the way. We are grateful to have worked with her and appreciative of the time and effort she spent helping us sell our home. She is an outstanding agent and real asset to One Community and Leigh Brown. We highly recommend her!

Jason and Amber C.

Vito was great!

Very easy to work with and saved me a bunch of $$ by extending himself to research a paid sewer tap fee that was really old and I assumed was worthless. If he puts forth this kind of effort for a 60K land sale, I feel 100% certain that he will work hard to represent anyone to the best of his ability.


Thank you, Leigh Of all the REALTORS® we’ve had in our lives, you stand out far and above all the others combined.

During the years we hear from you, it’s like hearing from an old friend. They always come from your heart and always with a message of helping others as well as ourselves. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your team.

Scott Miller

I had a fantastic experience with Bonnie.

She was with us every step of the way throughout the buying process. She advocated for us and was very prompt in her communication with us. I would highly recommend her.

David T

First-time home buyers.

We had absolutely no clue how any of the process worked and Charlie walked us through every step. He said buying a house is fun with the right people, and he was absolutely right! I would highly recommend to anyone, Charlie Holt!

Travis Johnson

Vito was outstanding in all areas of this transaction.

what started as a referral to help my son and daughter-in-law turned in to a great experience. Vito was very intuned with the needs of our spouses and took very good care in finding the right home. It was a great pleasure working with Vito and look forward to partnering again.

Andy Buschine

The #OneCommunity Real Estate® agency is the very best, highly experienced and ETHICAL.

When agent Virginia Halter came to meet me and looked at the house, she left behind valuable information and copies of documents to help me understand the selling process. With Virginia, the whole selling process was very *well organized* from taking photos to publish to showing and finally acting as my advisor and liaison with the buyer’s agent. Communication with her was always prompt. I never had to worry about anything because I knew that she was on top of things!

Cynthia Lawton
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"Amy Gamble & the Leigh Brown team made it possible for our family to find the right home as well as ensure the closing of our previous house. Even when obstacles came our way, they were steadfast to handle them, which helped us keep our sanity. They are on it! Thank you!"
5 /5.0
by RiceCombo
"Wanda and her team are AMAZING . As first time home buyers we were overwhelmed about the thought of buying a home. Wanda eased our anxieties and educated us so that we could make a smart home purchase. Wanda was able to quickly pick up on what we wanted even when we didn't know ourselves. She was flexible with our work schedules and patient and supportive when we changed our search criteria multiple times. We ended up in our absolute dream home thanks to Wanda. Once we found it, she helped us negotiate a great deal which makes the house that much sweeter. She helped explain things to us we had no idea about. I am so thankful for Wanda and her team and I would recommend them to anyone!"
5 /5.0
by Brittany conner
"Marcus was our realtor. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and walked us through the process of selling our house. The marketing was fantastic. The pictures of our house looked great and our house got an offer in 5 days. We could have not been happier. We were happy with how Marcus handled the negotiations, and the final sale of our house. We were also happy with the sale price of our house. Overall, we had an awesome experience. The use of the truck was a nice touch as we had a lot of moving to do. Thank you!"
5 /5.0
by musiconthemovenc
"We moved from LA to Charlotte. We were anxious because we had already sold our home in LA. Amy Gamble saw what we needed; showed us the areas of Charlotte that were appropriate for our needs and helped us find a great house. She was fun, knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, and professional."
5 /5.0
by AlexLevy5
"We have moved around the country 6 times and have used buyer's agents each time. Amy Gambe has been the best. She is very knowledgable, personable, professional and best of all, low-key and not pushy. We are so glad to have gone through the buying process with her assistance. Many questions came up with our lake house purchase and us coming in from out of town and if Amy didn't have the answers, she efficiently and effectively found out the information and recommended great people along the way. The process was relatively painless with Amy's leadership and experience. Terra is a pleasure to work with as well. They are a great team and we are grateful to have been referred to Amy."
5 /5.0
by user9746458
"Amy Gamble and Terra Patterson are really great at what they do. I have a new appreciation and respect for what their job involves. They manage the daily duties of real estate transactions with an ease and professionalism that is really impressive. At every step of the process Amy and Terra went above and beyond to make sure I understood what was happening. I can't tell you how much that means to me in easing the stress involved with a real estate transaction. The slogan in your business name "Real Estate Done Well" is really an excellent way to describe this company. Thank you Thank you Thank you :)"
5 /5.0
by macraysteele
"Amy was very helpful and professional and promptly responded to all our questions and concerns and provided a good transition in our move to a brand new state! Terra was also a great help and contact person!"
5 /5.0
by 2828282822
"I was thrilled to be working with Amy Gamble right from the start. Not knowing the area, she helped us pinpoint some areas that were convenient to my husband's work as well as family living in Matthews. She listened to both our needs and concerns. I would highly recommend Amy to family and friends looking for a new home. Thank you Amy, for helping to find our perfect home!"
5 /5.0
by kharward4
"She and her team were amazing. They went to bat for us when they needed to and earned every penny in their commission. They were always accessible, always answering our questions quickly and comprehensively. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future and highly recommend them to any dear friend or family member."
5 /5.0
by AndresLopez9
"The whole team was so awesome!! Everyone made the process so easy and stress free. Form the time spent with Amy and Terra to everyone on the office side helping us get all the right stuff in place. Amazing team :)"
5 /5.0
by jwojtow9
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